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Logrotate help on my isp webserver

 I want to configure my logrotate configuration file as follows
 we need  keep all clients monthly logs to /var/log/apache2/logs folder
Under this folder we have different clients directories.Each directory
should contain the logfiles that is access.log and error.log files for
each folder.Every month end logrotate should run and it should keep the
log files in monthnameandyear folder with monthnameandyear.tgz file.
 How to configure this in logrotate.conf
logfiles location /var/log/apache2/logs under this folder every client is having their folder for logs
in side that apache log files are there i.e error.log,access.log.
 Every month logrotate should run and it should create a folder with monthnameandyear under this monthname folder

that perticular month logfiles .tgz file shouls be there.
ex:- /var/log/apache2/logs/bahu/may2005/may2005.log.tgz

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