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Re: Debian Rootserver in USA

Some extra options that I have experience of - after a fair bit of
research including posting a similar query to this list a few years

We have had a debian box with them for ages (nearly 2 years?). OK except
no option to upgrade hardware, kinda "any color you want as long as its
black" approach. Network reliability is good though. They dont have the
$99 plan we signed up with anymore on their page though.

Also have had a debian box here for nearly 3 years. These guys are in
Canada but excellent service from them, they dont mention Debian on
their page but will install it if you ask. We have had a server with
them for a while and are very happy with it.

Know some people with accounts here, seems good, debian running inside a
XEN VM for $20/m upwards. NZ company with hardware located in the US.

p.s. I have no relations with any of the above businesses except as a



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