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Re: debian 3.1 and proftpd server for my isp company help required

Radhika wrote:

1)I am planning to give a fake shell as you menction in my proftpd.conf file just remove the comment under RequireVaildShell off line it should work as i understand is that correct.

IMHO it's better to use another auth than the system one. I use auth against a MySQL db. What's nice is that Proftpd is also capable to save the traffic usage in the db as well ! :)

3)once i created apache,proftp server my support group need to create the users using any GUI tool is there any tool to create the users for ftp,webspace and limit the quota / user please help me is there any GUI tool for this . I am really appriciate whoever is helping for my crucial project. Best regards

We wrote this :


It uses proftpd the way it was described (with a DefaultRoot) plus some other things. I hope it fits your needs, and if it doesn't, I'm sure you will be able to modify it. Contact me if you want to join the growing list of the maintainers for this project.


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