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Re: A Router

I do not think you should have any problem natting 120 users from 6 networks.

But, you might want want to post your problem to the Debian Firewall list.

You should be able to nat the 6 networks with one switch and three networks ports.
[nated network] <-> [switch] <-> [Linux Box] <-> world

Or if you don't have a switch or hub, you will have to have a Linux box with 8 network ports.
[nated network] <-> [Linux Box] <-> world

I have a bridge that is doing some layer 2 and layer 3 stuff and handling over 
300K concurrent connections. The only thing that I think you should worry about is
the network hardware, and the default kernel limits. Try getting network cards that 
use the Becker drivers.

On 27/09/05 11:30 +0200, Omar wrote:
> Hi All,
>   Can one debian router handle the routing and NAT of around 100-120 users, 
> who are on 6 separate networks?  Thanks
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