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Re: couriergraph problem

Hello jack,

  the problem is couriergraph is for different version of courier (I
  think). You have to update couriergraph.pl at line 319 according to
  what name courier puts in syslog. For me it's "courierpop3login".
  All those 4 lines that work for me are:

my $courier_pop3d = 'courierpop3login';
my $courier_imapd = 'imaplogin';
my $courier_pop3d_ssl = 'pop3d-ssl';
my $courier_imapd_ssl = 'imapd-ssl';
Friday, September 23, 2005, 19:40:32, jack wrote:

j> hola,

j> I recently setup couriergraph and it looks like its only counting IMAP. 
j> I'm using courier-imap and courier-pop (courier pop gets a lot more 
j> usage then imap), but its showing 2671 imap logins, and 0 pop logins :P

j> Does anyone have a updated couriergraph.pl, or know what the problem is 
j> for the current one?

j> thanks..

  bYE, Marki

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