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Re: 3Com - 3c905B ethernet card

Hello Arsalan,

Am 2005-09-07 01:03:59, schrieb Arsalan Lodhi:
> Hello - 

This is an ISP related List. Please contact the next
time the Mailinglist <debian-user@lists.debian.org>.

> I am at debian kernel 2.4.27, plugged-in second 3com ethernet card (first 
> one detected automatically-works fine) - second ethernet card's driver 
> couldnt be loaded - after few searches on internet i was atleast able to 
> find its module 3c905B - but not sure where to get it and install on my 
> linux machine ? - any help appreciated !

There is no Mudule 3c905B.  -  It is 3c59x

on the Commandline as "root" execute 'modconf' and go to the
"driver/net" section, where you can select the 3c59x Module.

> Best,
> AL


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