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Masquerading the same IP network range with OpenVPN


I have quite experience using VPNs with OpenVPN. But I don't know how to
handle this.

My problem is than both sides of the vpn have the same subnet range:

Network A                                                   Network B
192.168.0./24 openvpn<----VPN----> openvpn 192.168.0./24

It's imposible change the range of both subnets. The question is: Can I mask
one of the sides?

For example:
I wanna ping from a host placed A to a host placed in B, (for example to In a host pf network A I will ping 192.168.X.5  (Where X is a
different network other than 0). The openvpn router will make the translation
(using ipmasquerading I think ) from 192.168.X.5 to in the B
network and the B host should will be able to reply it.

The Idea is (remember, X!=0):
Network A                                               Network B
192.168.0./24 openvpn <----VPN----> openvpn 192.168.0./24
                                                      masqueraded subnet
                                                            B' 192.168.X/24

I think It's possible using ip masquerading but I'm not sure.
Thanks a lot for your help!


Victor R. Rodriguez
Departamento de Sistemas
Valoraciones del Mediterraneo, S.A.

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