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Re: RAD FCD-24 and X.21/V.35 Controller for Linux

Am 2005-06-22 13:47:59, schrieb Jesse Molina:
> Hi
> I'm confused about what you are trying to accomplish.  What is your end
> goal?  How many of those E1 timeslots are you planning to use?  How many
> E1s are being delivered to your site/sites?

I like to setup some independant Servers with only an E1 as interface.
For example one in Germany, one in France, one in Iran, ...

My problem is not the Connection speed, bust the price of the hosting
providers if I ask for >400 GByte diskspace.

In Germany you can get an E1 for 300-400 Euro/month plus appartement
and electricity bill. In summary for less then 700 Euro/month.  All
ISP's I have ask want much more as 1000 Euro per month.

And because I get most IT-Equipment for free...  :-))

> Everyone likes free.  =)

Yes I know...

> Maybe you can get some equipment to donate to Debian or other Free
> telecom projects.

Curently I am working on a "CyberCenter Network" for Morocco and I am
seting up my POPs at home in Strasbourg. If one is setup completly,
I put all Servers and Workstations in Paillet-Container (1m³), store
it in Strasbourg for the voyage to Morocco. 

And YES, the "CyberCenter Network" is 100% Debian GNU/Linux powered
and a non-commercial organisation (Enterprise but not Association)

It is:  1)  Internet Cafe
        2)  Linux Education Center for Women
            (with subventions from the Moroccain Governement)
        3)  ISP (WaveLAN + DSL)
        4)  Online-Store


Linux-User #280138 with the Linux Counter, http://counter.li.org/
Michelle Konzack   Apt. 917                  ICQ #328449886
                   50, rue de Soultz         MSM LinuxMichi
0033/3/88452356    67100 Strasbourg/France   IRC #Debian (irc.icq.com)

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