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RE: Cyclades Router OS License

What university?  UFRDJ? UFRGS?

A router is a processor and multiple interfaces.  It is very simple.  I
would think you are interested in making a 3 port Ethernet router.

That would be fairly simple.  The OS in some routers, such as the rebel
routers, is Linux with the ip stack it provides used for routing. The
Linksys WRV54g and the RV042 both also run Linux in commercial products
here in the US.



 The linksys source packages for their Linux based routers



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Arnt Karlsen wrote:

>On Tue, 03 May 2005 10:04:56 -0300, Luiz wrote in message 
><[🔎] 427776F8.3070907@grupocarvalho.com.br>:
>>Hi list,
>>my firm recently purchased a Cyclades Router and i had seen that the
>>OS  that runs into the hardware is more expansive than the hardware
>>Cyclades' OS is a Linux. So, ins't Cyclades, by implications of GPL, 
>>forced to publish its sources ?
>..by the terms of the GPL and copyright law, yes, to anyone they
>distribute to.  The 2 easy ways is slap it onto their web site, or ship
>it on a cd with their hardware, if they wanna keep it "secret."  ;o)
>>I would like to make an OS for a router in my University's conclusion 
>>work, but I don't know the internals of an Router hardware, and i
>>think  that the only way to know this is getting the source of an OS.
>..uh?  Which router, which hardware, which router OS, which OS source?
>..pls clarify _what_ you wanna do, so we can advice.
By what i see, any hardware which i could program an OS would be nice, 
because i don't  want to do advanced features.

But i mean: a complete router, not an board like PC300 or using Linux 
Router features. It has almost every implementation already done.


Luiz Felipe de souza Gomes
Network Administrator

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