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Re: postfix - mail forwarding loop for user ...

hi andy,
hi all,

> On Tue, 2005-04-19 at 15:34 +0200, Walhalla wrote:
> > Apr 19 14:21:56 mail5 postfix/local[10626]: A090F90D89: 
> > to=<customerdomain.de_info@mail5.mydomain.de>, relay=local, 
> > delay=163, status=bounced (mail forwarding loop for 
> > kundendomain.de_info@mail5.mydomain.de)
> > the sender of the email gets a bounce-message too.
> > on this server are several domains and catchall accounts. but this 
> > happens only with one domain?!
> You may be getting bitten with a way that Postfix handles aliases.  In exim
> and sendmail, a line in /etc/aliases reading :
> user1: user1,user2,user3
> will deliver a copy of the mail to user1, the intended recipient, and
> send a copy to user2 and user3.
> With postfix, the same line will deliver mail to user2 and user3, and
> cause an infinite loop of mail, (each mail expanded to user1 again will
> cause another mail to go to user2 and user3, and another expansion .......)
> This will cause the log line and the bounce message you describe.

i know this difference - but this can not be the reason for this error. 
we only use "virtual". in /etc/aliases are only 3 lines regarding root's 
mail - abuse, postmaster.

any other idea what could be wrong? it is very urgent because 
customer wants to get all his mails ;)

thx for your fast response!


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