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Re: postfix - mail forwarding loop for user ...

On Tue, 2005-04-19 at 15:34 +0200, Walhalla wrote:
> Apr 19 14:21:56 mail5 postfix/local[10626]: A090F90D89: 
> to=<customerdomain.de_info@mail5.mydomain.de>, relay=local, 
> delay=163, status=bounced (mail forwarding loop for 
> kundendomain.de_info@mail5.mydomain.de)
> the sender of the email gets a bounce-message too.
> on this server are several domains and catchall accounts. but this 
> happens only with one domain?!

You may be getting bitten with a way that Postfix handles aliases.  In
exim and sendmail, a line in /etc/aliases reading :

user1: user1,user2,user3

will deliver a copy of the mail to user1, the intended recipient, and
send a copy to user2 and user3.

With postfix, the same line will deliver mail to user2 and user3, and
cause an infinite loop of mail, (each mail expanded to user1 again will
cause another mail to go to user2 and user3, and another
expansion .......)

This will cause the log line and the bounce message you describe.


Andy Davidson
Systems Administrator
Ebuyer UK Ltd., 201 Woodbourn Road, Sheffield, S9 3LR

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