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Re: Debian based remote office support


For a burglary of our equipment in the datacenter, I would hope that
something along the lines of "all reasonable measures taken..." I
expect that this offering would fall into the same category of how
datacenters handle a break-in and customer equipment being stolen.
Not sure how they deal with it but can investigate.

Regarding a break-in on the client premises, I think this would be the
same as if they had some of their own equipment stolen with their own
data on it.

Good points though and makes me realise that it is time to pony up for
some lawyers fees.


On Sun, Apr 03, 2005 at 04:30:33PM +0200, Adrian von Bidder wrote:
> On Thursday 31 March 2005 18.02, Simon Tennant wrote:
> > I would like to come up with a solution whereby all critical data is
> > housed in a data-centre and each office we deploy to is "dumb".  If the
> > office server dies, gets stolen, whatever we just stick a new one
> > in and Bob's your uncle.
> From a technical perspective, this is certainly a good idea, but I'd have a 
> serious talk to somebody who has experience with insurance matters.  If 
> company data is stolen at a break in at the company offices, you're fine - 
> but if company data is stolen because of a break in (physical or digital) 
> at your site, you lose.
> Obviously, regardless of where the data are stored, hacking your computers 
> will still likely offer a path to company data.  But if you don't store the 
> data in your data center, physical break in can do no damager in that 
> regard (and depending on your architecture, a hacked server might still be 
> less serious than with central data storage for all your clients.)
> cheers
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