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Re: Debian based remote office support

On Thursday 31 March 2005 18.02, Simon Tennant wrote:
> I would like to come up with a solution whereby all critical data is
> housed in a data-centre and each office we deploy to is "dumb".  If the
> office server dies, gets stolen, whatever we just stick a new one
> in and Bob's your uncle.

From a technical perspective, this is certainly a good idea, but I'd have a 
serious talk to somebody who has experience with insurance matters.  If 
company data is stolen at a break in at the company offices, you're fine - 
but if company data is stolen because of a break in (physical or digital) 
at your site, you lose.

Obviously, regardless of where the data are stored, hacking your computers 
will still likely offer a path to company data.  But if you don't store the 
data in your data center, physical break in can do no damager in that 
regard (and depending on your architecture, a hacked server might still be 
less serious than with central data storage for all your clients.)

-- vbi

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