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Re: Debian in a production environment

Am Dienstag, den  8. Februar hub Dirk Ruediger folgendes in die Tasten:


> One question I have is: is it possible to run a debian box if i have to 
> run proprietary software on it?

Sure it is :)
At my Workplace (German univiersity) we migrated our whole clients from
RedHat 7.3 (kind of historical software...) to Debian Woody without any
hard problems. Fair-minded I have to admit that we made many backports
for that :)

Now we're migrating all our servers to Debian - up to now without
any big problems.
We've software like FlexLM (License Manager) and other things (I don't
remember atm) running on these boxes.

But there is one thing my colleagues didn't get running on a Debian
machine: Tivoli Storage Manager.
It is possible to run it using disk storage space, but - as they
said - it's not possible to let it use it's own kernel modules to access
tape libraries etc.
I guess that the Debian kernel "lacks" to many "patches" to make the
modules work...

So now this server is running as RH EL :-(
If I get the time, I will test this myself to figure out what exactly is
the problem. (If anyone around has done this before, please let me know.)

> I have a compaq proliant box running with debian in a production 
> environment and sometimes I consider switching to fedora because most 
> proprietary software (data bases, J2EE application servers, etc.) 
> provides linux support only for redhat and suse -- and I'm not always 
> free to choose Postgres and JBoss).

> I dont know If I run into real trouble when sticking to debian (but my 
> heart says "do it!" ;-).

The only trouble you can run in is breaking your support aggrements if
you use software that is only licensed for RH or SuSI.
If you do so, you'll have to care for this software yourself without
getting help from the support if you're unlucky :-(

> Now I want to collect some thoughts and experiences.


	Follow the white penguin.

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