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Re: Restricting IP Addresses to MAC addresses

also sprach Omar Al-Siaghi <alsiaghi@mac.com> [2005.01.31.1137 +0100]:
>   I am working for a wireless ISP, and we are using a Debian Router.  
> We use IPtables.rules to set the forwarding and NAT, but I am wondering 
> if there is a way to restrict certian IP addresses to be able to log on 
> from a MAC Address.  In other words, only the given MAC address paired 
> with the IP address can access a network.  What would be the best 
> solution for that.  Thank you all in advance.

Use iptables like this:

  iptables -A FORWARD -j check-macs
  iptables -N check-macs
  iptables -A check-macs -j DROP
  iptables -I check-macs -m mac --mac fe:ed:de:ad:be:ef -s -j RETURN

(written from the top of my head; not checked for syntax)

This is what we do. Be aware, though, that MAC addresses can easily
be changed, at least on Unix systems.

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