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Re: dns management

Rodney Richison wrote:
Am looking for suggestions to implement a group of dns servers for a group of computer sales, technitions etc. We are toying with the idea of each having a debian box at our location to serve as secondary's for the others.
Am currently evaluating powerdns for this.

Requirements are simple enough.
Need web interface so users can change/create slave zones.
I'd imagine, it'd be nice if one machine could push new zones etc to the slaves.

That's about it.  Ideas?

if you decide to use the gmysql backedn you have two options:

have one mysql database that is read by all the dns servers, the drawback being that if the mysql database is unavailable the dns server won't work.

have a mysql database installed on all the dns servers and replicate that database using a master database.

i use the second setup in production and works great.

as for the management interface, it's something developed in-house that does necessary inserts/deltes/updates in the database.

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