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Re: IMAP Servers

Michael F. Sprague wrote:

W. Andrew Loe III <andrew@andrewloe.com> wrote:
I'm currently using Courier-IMAP as my IMAP mail server, but the way it handles folders is a bit annoying (.FolderName/cur/ .FolderName/new/). Is this standard IMAP protocol, or do different servers handle this differently? Which other servers should I check out?

The format you're describing is maildir which Courier happens to implement.
Other apps use maildir too.  If you're looking for something that does IMAP,
you may want to check out Cyrus.  I've used it successfully but it has its
own mailstore.  It's similar to maildir in that each message is stored in its
own file, but it doesn't have the 'new' and 'cur' subdirectories, etc.


I'm sorry, I meant to refer to its implementation of Maildir. Is this the standard format? I had a lot of trouble getting this format to work well with Apple Mail. I'm pretty sure its Mail's issue as thunderbird works perfectly.

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