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Re: reverse name resolution

You are on the right track.  Saying
zone "0/"
has nothing to do with the file/directory.
The file property inside the section deals with that.
This is proper RFC2317 reverse delegation but Nate is right in that your ISP must be on the same page with you when they do the delegation. A couple years ago, I was working with an ISP in southern cal that was big enough to hire a full time DNS administration staff and they were all incompetent. I had to teach them how to do this so don't be surprised if you have to do the same. Making it read like this:
zone "36.247.200.in-addr.arpa" {...
is a dirty hack and should not be done. It also breaks reverse lookups for the rest of the hosts in that class C for you.


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Kilian Krause wrote:

Hi Djalma,

my named.conf.local:
zone "0/" {

i'd try making this read:
zone "36.247.200.in-addr.arpa" {

for a start.. i.e. without the 0/25.

Yes, this would be problematic unless for some odd reason you had a directory named "0". The other comments about having to have your upstream ISP delegate the reverses properly is important also - and they can't just do it and tell you "it's done". They have to provide you their naming convention for the delegated zones so you can line yours up with theirs.

(I guess they *could* just tell you "it's done" and then you'd have to use dig to figure out exactly how they did it, which is fine also...)


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