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Re: LDAP Expert's help please

1) Relax. Youre in the right place.
2) Worry. You need to learn ldap fast
3) Use GQ (ldap browser) to get an idea of whats in there
4) Get a safari account and get yourself a couple of good ldap books. 
5) Read the most relevant chapters for an intro to htf (how the fuck)
does this ldap stuff works
5.bis) Many of the apps that are being ldap authentified may support
ldap directly (can be a lame setup unless you know what youre doing), or
really everyone is authenting against PAM, and then thats against LDAP
(better setup in many medium to small cases) which is plain POSIX over
ldap which point 5 will clear up best. I do hope youre in this later
6) Be shure to have medical inssurance. Throwing you to the lions like
this can cause permanent health damage due to stress.


If everything fails. Send an RFP here. Many will gleefully charge some
money and fix your stuff straight up. 

On Tue, 2004-11-23 at 10:49 -0700, Omar wrote:
> Hi all,
>   I need help with LDAP.  I just got two servers that use LDAP authentication for
> FTP, E-mail and other login's, problem is I only got the root user name and
> password.  I have no idea how to reverse engineer the login's and schema info and
> so on.. Any and all help is appreciated :)  Thanks in Advance, Omar

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