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Re: Courier traffic accounting

also sprach Philipp Kern <phil@philkern.de> [2004.11.20.1648 +0100]:
> are there any ways of traffic accounting related to Courier POP3d and
> IMAPd? We need this on a per-domain basis. The accounting for
> incoming/outgoing mail is easy, as our mailserver of choice -- Exim v4
> -- logs the message size. When looking through Courier's logs I didn't
> notice something similar on the close of the connection.

gaia pop3d-ssl: LOGOUT, user=xxxxx, ip=[::ffff:130.60.75.xxx],
  top=0, retr=4253, time=0

imapd-ssl: LOGOUT, user=xxxxx, ip=[::ffff:130.60.75.xxx],
  headers=4241, body=290514, time=1216, starttls=1
          ^^^^       ^^^^^^

These are bytes. Be aware that this sort of accounting does not
include the respective protocol, or additional TCP, or IP traffic.

I usually calculate 112% up to 100Mb and then 108% when more than
100Mb has been transferred. With traffic >1Gb, it becomes

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