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Re: exim or postfix

Hi Craig,

> 2. postfix does support filtering during the SMTP transaction.  the difference
> is that the postfix author tells you up front that it is inherently problematic
> (for *ANY* MTA, not just postfix) because of the potential for SMTP timeouts if
> the filter takes too long to run (SpamAssassin, for example, could take ages to
> complete regardless of whether it's run from exim or postfix...especially if
> it's doing DNSRBL and other remote lookups), and he recommends that you don't
> do it.
> other MTAs blithely ignore the potential problem and tell you to go ahead and
> do it.

well, sa-exim does have timeouts for that and will just hard terminate
the process if that's hit. So the point isn't fully valid as is.


> i manage to avoid the problem by having good anti-spam/anti-virus rules (and a
> huge junk map and set of body_checks & header_checks rules) that it rejects
> about 99% of all spam during the SMTP session.  very little makes it through
> them to be scanned with amavsid-new/spamasssassin/clamav.  still, i sometimes
> think it would be nice to run SA at the SMTP stage.


would it be possible to get the config sniplets of your server config as
it seems to be pretty efficient...?
Just as a reference like the exim4 config posted back in the other
thread or this one.


Best regards,

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