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Write permission on remote machine

Trying to back up one Linspire 4.5 machine to another, installed Konserve and configured for an smb connection to reach the backup directory. Konserve fails for lack of write permission on the remote machine.

--remote machine has the directory set to share, with write permission for user and group, no password required. --local machine (where Konserve runs) shows that BU directory in "Network Browser" (the Samba shares), but right-click/properties/permissions shows that the local machine does not have write permission on that directory. Attempts to change permission locally fail for lack of permission (catch 22?) --have configured both machines for same user name (root) with same password, and put that into the dialog about client authentication of remote sessions (part of control-panel/network/network-file-sharing).

Does putting a name and p/w into local client authentication conflict with a remote directory having no p/w requirement?

Any pointers on things to look at?



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