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gateway to dial-up connections

  Hi all,

  I'm in trouble on setting up a gateway to diul-up
users. I'm using iptables with mstate module to
masquerade the clients' ip addresses.
  I have a RAS Server (Ikon 4400) that receives PPP
and PPPoE connections. The RAS's gateway is pointing
to the server i'm setting up.
  Now araises the question. When I connect using a
PPPoE connection, every website I try to connect works
fine, but when a user does a normal dial-up, some
sites simply don't open. Just seems to be openning.
  I thought it was a MTU problem. I changed the mtu at
the client side, for test purposes, but it failed
  I Also ckecked the mtu values at the RAS for ppp and
pppoe connections. and both were 576
  I changed the RAS gateway to another machine with
slackware using ipfwadm and kernel 2.0. I didn't
setted up this machine. It is the old gateway of the
  So, After this change, all the clients (ppp + pppoe)
could browse the any website.
  Is that any tip or crick i'm missing to settup my
new gateway?
  Thanks in advance,

  Nathan Levy.

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