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Re: POSTFIX+MYSQL - Será que funciona mesmo?

On Sat, 30 Oct 2004, Hensel Hosting (Robert Hensel) wrote:
> Uhm yeah, we don't all speak Spanish ;) Anyway, looking at the log and 

Portuguese, man. Portuguese :-)

Anyway, the correct forum for questions in portuguese is
debian-user-portuguese@l.d.o.  All questions here are in English.

O fórum correto para perguntas em Português é debian-user-portuguese@l.d.o,
essa lista aqui é apenas em Inglês.

> Robert (hope the lines in spanish weren't saying anything that makes my 
> answer look stupid :P)

Other that they aren´t saying ANYTHING in Spanish? :-)

  "One disk to rule them all, One disk to find them. One disk to bring
  them all and in the darkness grind them. In the Land of Redmond
  where the shadows lie." -- The Silicon Valley Tarot
  Henrique Holschuh

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