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Re: Why are company's not certifying Debian?

hi ya

On Sat, 30 Oct 2004, Rishi wrote:

> This is the response I got from IBM in India... Why are they not
> certifying Debian GNU/Linux on their servers?

they do atas their told, or they find they behinds on the other side of
the ibm door
> Is there something Debian as the organization can do to get firms like
> IBM to certify their hardware on it?

the server you buy, is herein "blessed/certified to work with debian"
	- see the incompatibility list as what was previously
	posted for what is known NOT to work

if you want all that ( certifcation ) in writing, please send a check for
3x the costs of the parts to get the "paper" with a fancy logo and marked
up invoice :-)

- hey it's friday here... ya know... :-)

c ya

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