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On Tue, Oct 26, 2004 at 01:00:36PM +0800, Xu Jialing wrote:
> Subject: please advice me any good stuff to immegrate debian system to ipv6 network ? thx

Please don't do it that way, this makes properly replying to your
message much harder, and it also increases the risk of your mail being
filtered out by spamfilters.

Now, with regards to your question, I'm not sure what you mean by
'immegrate'. Since this is debian-isp (and not debian-ipv6), I'll assume
you want to configure IPv6 on your debian-managed network. Doing this is

First, make sure your kernel properly supports IPv6. You do this by
enabling CONFIG_IPV6 and CONFIG_IP_MULTICAST in your kernel.

Next, get yourself some IPv6 address space. Depending on the size of
your network and the intended purpose of your IPv6 experiment, a /48
subnet could be enough; there are many IPv6 brokers who will easily give
you such an address space, just have a look for one close by (google
will help here).

Finally, you need to set up IPv6 routing. If you're also going to route
for other people, you need to set up tunnels. Doing this is, in itself,
not complicated (iptunnel add sit1 mode sit remote <remote IP> local
<local IP> ttl 128); but if you're going to have many tunnels, you'll
want to add some automated way of setting these up.

To handle a LAN, just apt-get install radvd, and add a /64 subnet to

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