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Re: ACL inheritance, group supervisors, rwX access

also sprach Marc Schiffbauer <marc@schiffbauer.net> [2004.10.26.2233 +0200]:
> Uups. Mea culpa. But I think this will not make it better in your
> case. If someone creates a file he can do whatever he wants with
> that file including removing your supervisor from the files ACL.

The merit is arguable, but I think it would be a good feature to be
able to prevent a user from changing ACLs/permission bits on files.
Like a capability I could drop with PAM on login...

> > Ha! And I'll use CIFS instead of NTFS in a Linux-only cluster. Yeah
> > right.
> sorry for trying to help...

I appreciate it. My comment was, of course, in no way personal.

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