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RE: Mail Delivery (failure jcooper@planetz.com)

> The smarter way to let people know that your email address has
> changed is by
> rejecting the message.  You can reject the message (in postfix)
> by using the
> relocated table, that will reject the message giving the error "User has
> moved to johnc at planetz.com" (or whatever you'd like the
> message to say).
> In this way very few innocent third parties should be subjected
> to your spam.

I understand your guys' point, and I appreciate it.    What you describe
here sounds nearly identicaly to my auto-responder.  But, that may be my
lack of knowledge of how the mail system works in general.  Something about
the way a mail system treats a rejection message, rather than a standard
mail message?    In any case, thanks for the constructive advice, Fraser.
I'll look into it.

> IMO x at y is just as easy to find and parse as x@y.
> They will be finding you anyway.
I was worried about that as well.  The fact is, they haven't.  What you guys
are failing to acknowledge is that my silly little auto-responder has
completely worked.  In the year that I've used it, I have received about 3
spam messages, and those were from nigerian-type scammers who obviously
carefully read my reply and responded by hand.  At my previous address, I
was receiving literally hundreds of spam per day.  Clearly it has worked,
and very well.   This is far superior to my experience with other spam
filters, which either didn't filter enough, or had too many false positives
requiring me to read thru the "possible spam" messages, which is just as bad
as not filtering at all.

> > Coker, consider a private email, before publically hanging someone.
> When someone does something stupid there is value in making sure
> that everyone knows that it is stupid.
> Knowledge is only advanced when it is shared.

He could easily have shared his idea with the list, and mailed me separately
at my new address, without (in his words) publically archiving my private
address for spammers to harvest.   Do you not agree that this was simply
malicious, and needlessly hurtful?
Would he also teach someone to swim by throwing them in the water and
watching them drown, laughing as the dumbass goes down?

It's called respect.  While it may sometimes be incompatible with ego, it
really requires very little effort.  Consider it.


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