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New Debian net install on a SATA server?

I can sure use someones help. Being newer to Linux when the boss got a new server I was sure I would have no problems installing Debian from a new sarge-i386 net install image. Well here is the problem, the server uses 2 80 gig S-ATA drives and even the net image that states it can use S-ATA does not see the drive(s) at all. Can anyone help me at all on getting Debian installed. I need that to be an FTP and web server with raided drives if that makes any difference.
Thanks for any help,
Systemax RAID tower from Tigerdirect
Micro-star International motherboard 865PE Neo2_fIS2R
    ( http://www.msicomputer.com/product/p_spec.asp?model=865PE_Neo2-FIS2R )
Intel Pen4HT 2.8Ghz Processor
two 521MB PC3200 RAM
Two 80 GB Serial ATA 7200RPM Hard Drives
ATI Radeon 7000 AGP video card (Nop desktop will be installed)

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