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Re: Cloning disks with dd and netcat

Giles Nunn said:
> Hi all,
> I tried the dd route to do exactly the same thing. I wanted to recreate
> a server or a variation of it quickly and easily. Eventually I gave up
> and used systemimager instead. It is quick and simple. It is based on
> rsync and it is in woody. I have it working using network boot and it
> takes ~3 minutes to boot, partition and install a complete base server -
> fully automatically. I am still playing with it as I want to script the
> autoconfig of multiple copies of a base server, but it works brilliantly
> for a simple clone as it is.

Why reinvent fire....
Systemimager works beautifully. I use it to deply to a bunch of lab
computers, completelly hands off via a bootable cd.
And also use to backup/restore my servers when and if an upgrade or system
goes bad.
I use the deb files from systemimager.org...
--Luke CS Sysadmin, Montana State University-Bozeman

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