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Re: recovery from reiser

W liście z pon, 26-07-2004, godz. 23:48, Fraser Campbell pisze: 

> You can run "reiserfsck --rebuild-tree -S" on the partition.  Read the 
> manpage, understand what it will do.  Backup the partition first so that if 
> things go wrong you'll have a second chance.
Nice. It works!

> Good luck and make sure you have good backups from now on ;-)
The files were backed up, I bought a brand new, shiny disk to be a
backup disk, but it died unexpectably along with 100GB of data.

I have a question yet:
Since I'll get a new disk, what is better to put on, XFS as I had before
of Reiser4.
The disk is 160GB, 1 partition with data only on it. Data files are big,
very often bigger than 2GB. I don't care about speed but space on it -
XFS filesystem itself took more than 4GB. I think it is less than
Reiser3.6 would take, but haven't dealt with Reiser4 yet.
MareK L. Kozak

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