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Re: Cloning disks with dd and netcat


> > Do you have any kind of BIOS-configurable write/virus protection
> > for that harddisc switched off? 
> BIOS is ignored nicely once the kernel switched on VM and went into
> protected more...

Yes, I know - but I've encountered hardware where the "100% IDE"
controller could be switched into read-only mode EVEN FOR NON-BIOS
operation. Granted, it was a jumper back then (probably breaker plus
pullup/pulldown for R/W signal line), but that could be done with some
CMOS/Flash setting today, too.

It just strook me odd that root could not write even the first few


Stop. Different idea. 

@David Ross: you wrote you booted from Knoppix. I hope you did use plain
text mode? If you used the X11/KDE desktop you're usually logged in as
"knoppix" or whatever plain/non-root user. And of course you're not
allowed to (write) access the raw device as ordinary user...

Boot in text mode ("knoppix 2") or Ctrl-Alt-1 from X11 into console. Try
again then. 

If this does not solve the problem, we'll have to search on.


Volker Tanger
ITK Security

PS: I've updated my docs accordingly - that's an easily overlooked
    stuble block.

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