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[ANNOUNCE] Domain Technologie Control Version 0.14.0-R0

Hi guys !

This message is just an announce for the latest version of my GPL Control Panel.
For those who don't know it:

Domain Technologie Control (DTC) is a Web GUI for administration and accounting
for hosting services. Made up of a set of PHP scripts that manage a MySQL
database which handles all the hosting information, it generates backup scripts,
statistics calculation scripts, and config files for bind, Apache, qmail,
postfix, courier, dovecot, and proftpd, using a single system UID/GID. It allows
administrators to delegate the task of creating subdomains, email, and FTP
accounts to users for the domain names they own. 

Maybe some of you remember that when asking for a mailling list manager advice,
it all turn in a discution Qmail VS Postscrip? My control panel now have support
for BOTH! (thanks to D.Mascord from tusker.org) Is there anyone here wishing to
do support for exim?

This release features support for Postfix, Courier, and Dovecot (thanks to
tusker.org). The FTP backup now includes database backup, the MX zonefiles
generation was reviewed, the installer upgrades to the new database
automatically, DTC is now fully internationalised with Spanish and Chinese
language, there is a new 12 month view in the bandwidth monitor, DTC is now
skinnable with a popup for choosing the skin, the config panel was split into
four sections, there was some debugging, and there is now compatibility with
unstable and testing debian.

Because you can chose now what daemon you want for email (Qmail or Postfix for
MTA, MySQMail, Qmail, Courier or Dovecot for pop3) all mail related dependencies
have been removed. You will have to ask for it yourself AND before installing
(the installer will install on all software it finds configuration files for).

What is comming next:
- bandwidth monitor support for dovecot
- customer support for billing
- mailling list manager support
- shell support (maybe using UML or NSS)

Still, after many tries to send message to debian mentor list, I get no reply
from debian team (same on IRC). Is there someone here that is interested in
sponsoring my package? Or maybe libapache-mod-log-sql???


    Thomas GOIRAND

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