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Netgear GA311 (GigaBit)


I have a 3Com Superstack III with 4 Ports GBit and 24 Ports 10/100 MBit

Curently I have a PostgreSQL Server, a FileServer, my Workststion and a 
Devel-Station attached to the GBit Ports. 

My PostgreSQL (AMD Athlon 2400, 2 GByte memory) use a Intel Pro 1000MT 
and the three others only No-Name 1 GBit NICs.

Because I have not the money to buy Server Cards (three-8 times more 
expensive) and my Network does not support more then 300 MBit, I like 
to change the NICs...

Please note, that i need it private...

Can anyone recommend the Netgear GA311 ? or is it better to continue 
with the Intel Pro 1000MT or others like D-Link ? 

Oh yes, only my PostgreSQL Sever has a 64 Bit PCI-Port.


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