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Re: What is GreyListing

On Wed, 21 Jul 2004 05:47, Michael Loftis <mloftis@modwest.com> wrote:
> It won't work forever.... eventually spambots and virusbots will catch on
> and start retrying after being 4xx-ed but implementing it now makes you
> just harder than your neighbor to break into so for the time being they'll
> mostly leave you alone.

If you have to go through one 4xx messages to send a message then it takes 
twice the network bandwidth to send a spam and more than twice the effort 
(queues have to be maintained etc).  If you were to require more than one 4xx 
message and a longer time-out then it makes it even more work for the 
spamming machine and thus reduces the volume of spam that can be sent before 
the machine is put on black-lists and/or shut down.

There is no solution, there are just many ways of alleviating the problem for 
us while making more problems for spammers.

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