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Re: max requests a celeron web server can handle

On Tue, 20 Jul 2004 10:15, "Shannon R." <shannon_mtbikes@yahoo.com> wrote:
> the machine will be hosting 1 website only. with about 3,000 static html
> files and about 5,000 image files (from 3kb to 100kb. and no, it's not a
> pornsite, but a bike enthusiast site)
> so what do you guys think? any ballpark as to how many simulataneous users
> it can serve and how many page-views it can do per hour will be very much
> appreciated.

5000 files of 100K would be 500M of data.  As most of them will be less than 
100K (as little as 3K) the data will probably be around 250M at a guess.

With 1G of RAM and 250M of files being served as long as the Apache processes 
don't take up more than 750M of RAM the files should all be cached, thus 
preventing the IDE disk from being a bottleneck.

If you want extreme performance of static content then the kernel http server 
will be better (and can redirect to Apache for more complex queries).  But 
it's quite likely that bandwidth will be your issue even if you only use 

As for the number of hits/pages.  That really depends on what a "hit" is, and 
how many images are on a "page".

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