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Re: Trusting Backports and unofficial Repositories

On Mon, 19 Jul 2004 04:23:05 +0800, Jason Lim <maillist@jasonlim.com> wrote:
> I am also using backports.org and have been for a long time on quite a few
> servers. Admittedly we only use it for things like Spamassassin and
> nothing hugely mission critical like kernels, but so far the packages have
> been of high quality.
> The combination of woody/stable and some updated packages (such as
> Spamassassin, which needs to keep up to date to date with the spammers)
> has been very effective.

I had once problems due to lack of experience using a mixed
woody-backports system.

The worst case were when I used a back port for compiling and running
2.6 kernels in woody. Somehow I managed to break gcc and/or important
devel libs, in a way that I could not compile a new version of the
kernel anymore.

It would be really great if there were a testing-based distro that
released security updates for its packages. I wonder in what state is
the UserLinux project.

Yves Junqueira

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