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Re: lvm with raid

* Russell Coker <russell@coker.com.au> [2004-07-01 14:52]:
> If you have a decent amount of RAM then the OS partition(s) will usually have 
> almost no access apart from writes to /var/log, and if you use the "-" option 
> in the syslog configuration that shouldn't be a significant load either.  
> Generally the more disks in a RAID-5 the better the performance that you can 
> get, so having a four-disk RAID-5 is likely to give better performance for no 
> cost (run "iostat -x 10" to verify this).

Since we are at the testing stage at the moment I will try this out as
soon as I find time to do it. The logging thing wouldn't bother me since
we do logging remotely via syslog. What I havent't tried out so far is
setting up a machine from scratch using raid and lvm though ... I built
my own set of boot-disks to get the hardware supported initially, so
this might also be resolveable ...

Thx for the advice. 
Jogi Hofmueller	- mur.at
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