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Re: lvm with raid

On Thu, 1 Jul 2004 20:37, Jogi Hofmüller <jogi@mur.at> wrote:
> * Gustavo Polillo <gustavo@ib.usp.br> [2004-06-30 17:22]:
> >   Is it possible to make lvm with raid ?? Is there anyone here that make
> > it? thanks.
> We just recently started tests with adaptecs zcr cards (2010S) and
> aic-7902 controlors. Our solution is to have one disk to hold the OS and
> three more that form a raid5. On top of the raid5 (which looks like one

Why not just use a four disk RAID-5 for everything?

If you have a decent amount of RAM then the OS partition(s) will usually have 
almost no access apart from writes to /var/log, and if you use the "-" option 
in the syslog configuration that shouldn't be a significant load either.  
Generally the more disks in a RAID-5 the better the performance that you can 
get, so having a four-disk RAID-5 is likely to give better performance for no 
cost (run "iostat -x 10" to verify this).

Having the OS on one disk means that a single disk failure will kill the 
machine.  While you may have good backups it's always more convenient if you 
can leave the machine running with a dead disk instead of having to do an 
emergency hardware replacement job.

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