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I've made very good experience with a backported freeswan 2.04-7,
ipsec as module and the stock kernel of stable (2.4.18):

connections to: freeswan, cisco (only PSK and with a small patch), w2k, xp

All of them as roadwarriors and mixed, too. Very tough and reliable!
I'm using iptables with it, especially the possibility of temporary
inserting rules at predefined positions.

In future I hope openswan should do the same job as good as freeswan,
but I haven't tested it enough yet.


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From: "Paulo Ricardo" <pauloric@contato.com.br>
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Sent: Wednesday, June 30, 2004 10:32 PM
Subject: VPN

> Hi guys
>  I would like to know what do you suggest in terms of IPSEC.
>  I used to deal with freeswan  and I looking another solution.
>  I've already listen about openvpn, openswan and raccon.
>  What do you suggest in terms of this tools.
>  I intend to use IPSEC w/ linux  accessing another linux + iptables +
>  IPCSEC and allow connections from micro$oft machines as road warriors.
>  distro: debian
>  any suggestion??
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