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Re: lvm with raid

## Russell Coker (russell@coker.com.au):

> > ## Gustavo Polillo (gustavo@ib.usp.br):
> > >   Is it possible to make lvm with raid ?? Is there anyone here that make
> > > it?
> > Works as expected. RAID appears as a simple SCSI drive.
> Only for hardware RAID.

Yes. Given the price of RAID controllers (ServerRAID, for example) and
the problems of software RAID, I strongly suggest getting a decent
controller and do whatever RAID level you need.

> Software RAID looks quite different to the OS and 
> there are still some minor quirks in getting it working for boot devices.  
> One of which is that for LILO you need the MBR to be provided by the 
> debian-mbr program and have the LILO block inside the RAID, as well as having 
> identical block numbers in both disks in the RAID-1 (RAID-5 and RAID-0 is not 
> supported).

That's why I don't use software RAID. Thanks for the summary.


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