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Friendly greetings, Bandwidth Management & Packet Shaping



I run a cross your email on line, I would like to have this opportunity to share with you a solution for Bandwidth management and packet shaping, better control for the traffic with lowest granularity 64k, logs the inbound and outbound traffic, capable of enforce rules or deny traffic that is not related to corporate day to day operation as such IM, download music, or non related websites. However this can be done by identifying the Application signature 80 byte header, then can be applied using a Gui to control the inbound and outbound traffic by port, as well vlan on the device. Also can be control by rule base and time trigger control.


I read you email noted below and it looks like this really play a role on your existing environment:


If you would like to learn more about it, please visit my website at http://www.dcseven.com  products.


Best regards,


Armando Vasquez

DC7 Company

Director, Business Development

Office (510) 282-9407

Email: armando.vasquez@dcseven.com

URL: http://www.dcseven.com






    I'm getting some DSL services installed and I need some recommendations or even a pointer or two to a method of long-term bandwidth monitoring while keeping latency to a minimum.  The DSL for our customers will be coming into our location on an ATM.  I'm still working out the details with static or dynamic IPs, but either way, I need to monitor bandwidth for each incoming DSL connection and although placing a 'slink' server between the incoming ATM and our network would be frowned upon for latency concerns, a 'slink' server that can monitor this bandwidth and create logs to be processed monthly from a location outside of the initial subnet would be highly revered.  Specifically, any software that can monitor bandwidth and create logs (CSV or, even better, SQL) would do the trick: I can tailor the equipment and connections to suit the software;  I just have to locate the proggie to do this.






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