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Re: DF bit - Dont Fragment

Will have to try it again...

The reason why Path MTU doesn't work, is that our F5s (BigIPs) seem to
have a broken implementation of NATing ICMP PMTU packets (at least when
using Aggregate ALL - OncConnect or SNAT)

> My bet would be that someone is blocking icmp messages (you, your
> firewall,  your ISP?).  There's a really good explanation of PMTU at
> http://www.netheaven.com/pmtu.html that should explain all that for
> you.
> As someone else suggested you can lower the MTU and probably get around
> the  problem but it would be better to try and figure out which router
> is blocking  your PMTU attempts ... play with the -M option to ping (at
> least in  iputils-ping from testing).
> Of course I've never used CIPE so I may be totally off base.
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