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Postfix patching..

Okay, so at suggestions, I ran the relay tester at abuse.net and passed all 15 tests. I get entries like this in my logs:

Jun 18 20:05:59 mephitsune postfix/smtpd[8791]: reject: RCPT from www.abuse.net[]: 554 <nf.abuse.net!user-43903@[]>: Relay access denied; from=<spamtest@dreamchaos.net> to=<nf.abuse.net!user-43903@[]>

What worries me, is the other entries that are showing up:

Jun 18 20:14:01 mephitsune postfix/smtp[9198]: DE193136FD: to=<licen@net.co.com>, relay=none, delay=69342, status=deferred (connect to net.co.com[]: Connection refused)

And I do get a lot of those. So is my machine relaying, based on this? And if so, how do I stop it?

Thanks in advance!

-Aaron, Dreamchaos.net administrator.

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