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Re: relay protection for Postfix

Aaron Goulding wrote:

> Okay, there's a lot of talk on -user about spam control, and I'd like
> to make sure my own server is properly secured. Could anyone recomend
> basic steps for Debian STABLE running Postfix for the MTA, to make
> sure it's not being used as a relay point? I want to be able to
> deliever mail from the box itself (to keep SquirrelMail working) but
> other than that, no one should be able to deliver mail through my
> machine.
> I figure this is a pretty simple item, and I'm just missing the steps
> in the docs. Thanks in advance!
> -Aaron, Dreamchaos.net administrator
I usually use this


Does quite a number of tests and you can see the results in realtime

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