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Re: SquirrelMail errors

Splash Tekalal wrote:
> I'm currently running Debian STABLE, using Postfix for the mail system, and 
> apache 1.3 for the webserver. I'm finding that users can log in fine, 
> though they can't seem to delete messages through the web interface.. Pine 
> works fine at deletion. The error given is:
> ERROR : Could not complete request.
> Query:COPY 1:1 "INBOX.Trash"
> Reason Given: [TRYCREATE] failed

Are you using altnamespace? In the original namespace all folder are
subfolders of INBOX. In the alternative namespace the other folders are
next to INBOX. So your trash-folder is not named INBOX.Trash but Trash.

This can be change in Squirrelmail at Options | Folder Preferences.

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