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Re: Fighting spam with "sendmail aliases" in postfix (spampots?)

Am 2004-05-25 13:17:25, schrieb Tomàs Núñez:

>Well... as this is an option, I think it may not be correct to accept all 
>mail... This way, If someone mispells some address, he will think the mail 
>arrived correctly as no error message come back... 

I think, you aren not responsable for misselled E-Mail addresses.

>I think customers will kill me if people tells them "Yes! I sent you the 
>e-mail" and they say "No, you didn't... I didn't get no email, so you didn't 

Where is the problem ?
The To: ask the From: at which Address he had send the Message...
and then From: knows he mad a mistake.

>sent it" "Ok, I'll send it again", and then the email is sent mispelled 
>again, and don't reach its destination, and so and so, and razors come to cut 
>my throat :D


>Thanks anyway for your point :)


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