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Re: Fighting spam with "sendmail aliases" in postfix (spampots?)

El Martes, 25 de Mayo de 2004 12:06, Brett Parker escribió:
> How about option 3...
> Add a wildcard to the bottom of the domain name to catch all the other
> rubbish...
> @domain.name            spamgoeshere@localhost
> This will catch anything that's not already caught by the addresses
> before it.
Well... as this is an option, I think it may not be correct to accept all 
mail... This way, If someone mispells some address, he will think the mail 
arrived correctly as no error message come back... 

I think customers will kill me if people tells them "Yes! I sent you the 
e-mail" and they say "No, you didn't... I didn't get no email, so you didn't 
sent it" "Ok, I'll send it again", and then the email is sent mispelled 
again, and don't reach its destination, and so and so, and razors come to cut 
my throat :D

Thanks anyway for your point :)
> Hope that Helps,
> --
> Brett Parker

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