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Re: high performance, highly available web clusters

--Friday, May 21, 2004 01:23:52 +1000 Russell Coker <russell@coker.com.au>:

> My idea was to have a 
> cron job watch the FTP logs to launch rsync.  That way rsync would only try 
> to copy the files that were most recently updated.  There would be a daily 
> rsync cron job to cover for any problems in launching rsync from ftpd.

Maybe check the pureFTPd option to launch a programm after every ftp upload.
I could imagine some sort of counter instead of fixed times to launch rsync.

> With local disks you get much more bandwidth (even a Gig-E link can't compare 
> with a local disk), better reliability, and you can use the kernel-httpd if 
> you need even better performance for static content.  Finally such a design 
> allows you to have a virtually unlimited number of web servers.

Since pure static content is becoming quite rare these days: Do you have any 
figures on how many virtual webservers one could run with a single apache 
master process?  I've stumbled across some more or less tight limits when it
comes to individual logfiles but the exact limits were not quite clear...

Cheers, Marcel

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