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Re: high performance, highly available web clusters

On May 20, 2004, at 9:27 AM, David Wilk wrote:

Now, here's the other question.  Now that the web cluster can scale the
static content ad infinitum, what about the dynamic content?  What can
be done with Mysql to load balance?  currently they do what everyone
does with two stand-alone Mysql servers that are updated simulataneously
with the client writing to both.  The client can then read from the
backup Mysql server if the primary fails.  I could just build two
massive stand-alones, but a cluster would be more scalable.


I'd use MySQL's built-in replication. Build a fairly bullet-proof master and have as many slaves as needed. Put the slaves behind some sort of load balancer (LVS or whatnot) and you can scale pretty far with mostly read applications.

We've used this quite effectively for many parts of Yahoo.


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